Springfield, IL (April 15, 2024) -- eGrain, Inc., a nationwide issuer of Electronic Warehouse Receipts (EWRs) & Price Later Contracts to the grain industry, has named Jason Wamba as general manager, overseeing operations, regulatory affairs and sales.

As general manager, Wamba is responsible for day-to-day operations, developing and implementing a strategic plan to boost sales and broaden the customer base. 

Wamba will also serve as the point of contact for the resolution of regulatory matters.

Having served 15 years with the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA), more specifically the Warehouse and Bonding section of the Fuels and Measures Division, Wamba has extensive experience in grain and cotton regulation and warehouse operations. 

While at GDA, Jason ensured Georgia producers that merchants and buyers were licensed and bonded. 

He assisted with the monitoring of stockyards and the bonding process of buyers for the USDA division of Packers and Stockyards in the state of Georgia. 

Throughout his experience with GDA, Jason actively participated in several associations promoting agricultural services and educational programs. 

His participation in the Association of Regulatory Officials and other components of his position brought him into close contact with industry and government executives, further facilitating his knowledgeable expertise in the industry.

Before joining the Department of Agriculture, he served two tours in Iraq with the United States Army. 

The patented eGrain system completed development in 2007 and was licensed by the USDA to issue electronic warehouse receipts (EWRs). 

The web-based system has continued to grow since its beginning and is now back on pace to exceed prior projections.

According to company officials, “eGrain is excited to have Jason on board and plans to diversify by broadening the range of commodities for which eGrain can provide EWRs online, thus expanding customers’ options for collateral with their lending institutions. 

"eGrain, Inc. welcomes Jason and looks forward to his personality, innovative thinking, and contribution to the growth and expansion of networks with a wide variety of people.”