BinMaster was established in 1953 as a small manufacturing job shop under the Garner Industries name.

The BinMaster division was established in the 1960s with the development of a very simple diaphragm switch used to detect high and low levels in seed hoppers.

Today, the Lincoln, NE-based company is known across the grain, feed, and processing industries for its line of level sensor technologies.

Grain Journal in early January spoke with Nathan Grube, Midwest Regional Sales Manager, to learn about BinMaster product offerings, as well as new opportunities, challenges, and industry trends.

What’s Hot?

“There’s big interest in our industry in getting all commodity readings to one platform. We’re currently working with multiple large cooperatives in the Midwest to get their grain, feed ingredient, fuel, anhydrous ammonia, and agronomy inventories on one platform.

"Now, corporate purchasing agents and accounting can go to one site and see all their commodity inventories.

"The system also can be set up so only the site manager can view their inventories at a particular location."

“We’re also working to bring in their existing temperature cable readings into the same website, so it’s a one-stop shop for upper management, purchasing, site mangers, and site employees.”

What’s New?

“In early 2024, we introduced the NCR-86 radar sensor for bulk material inventorry management.

"It can be paired with BinCloud software to measure every solid or liquid commodity within 1mm accuracy."

"The NCR-86 offers simple Bluetooth setup using a BinDisc or the BinMaster Sensor App optionally connected to your phone or PC.”

Grain Industry Trends

“Automation in the ag industry continues to grow.

"Manual switches and buttons in grain elevators and feed mills are being replaced by digital communication, touchscreens, PLCs, and mobile apps.

"This also includes on-farm storage where farmers want the ability to keep track of grain levels in wet bins, loadout bins, and storage bins during harvest.

"The days of climbing 100 feet or more to the top of bins are behind us.

"Manpower to send employees to drop a tape measure is being replaced by radar sensors.”

We pride ourselves on short lead times, competitive prices, and – most importantly – reacting to our customers when they need something done quickly.

-Nathan Grube, BinMaster

Keys to Success

“We continue to listen to our customers to guide product enhancement.

"We pride ourselves on short lead times, competitive prices, and – most importantly – reacting to our customers when they need something done quickly.

"This includes shipping products out the door the same day or giving customers the technical support that we would expect if we were in their shoes.”

Company Highlights

“I think our AgriView cloud-based system has been a huge highlight for us over the past few years.

"This has opened the door to a lot of customers who want to have readings on their mobile device or want to see their inventories when they are not physically at their location.

"AgriView helps customers make their facilities much more efficient.

“Anytime you’re applying sensors in systems with large conveying equipment, 1-million-plus-bushel silos, or hazardous and dusty locations, you’re facing tremendous challenges.

"The great thing about our BinMaster team is that we all have decades of experience to know what works and what things to avoid.”

Grain Industry Challenges

“Industry challenges are labor related.

"It’s hard to find good employees who want to show up for work every day.

"Employees are forced to wear a lot of hats throughout the day, and if adding level measurement and automation into their facility reduces the need for someone to physically get their daily or weekly inventories, that is very important.

“Also, with facilities continuing to grow and work faster, safety is certainly top of mind for many managers and safety professionals.”

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Reprinted from the Jan/Feb 2024 Grain Journal