Images courtesy of Iowa State University Kent Feed Mill and Grain Science Complex

Feed production began in November at Iowa State University’s (ISU) Kent Feed Mill and Grain Science Complex in Ames.

In its January 2024 newsletter, the university provided an update:

“November was a big month at the feed mill as 250 tons of feed were produced and loaded out. Students in the TSM 455/555 course took part as they started the semester learning the theoretical and practical aspects of feed production, mill automation, and quality control. They were then challenged to put this knowledge to the test with student teams responsible for full feed production runs from ration preparation to grinding, batching, mixing, and loadout. Teams had to meet quality specifications such as particle size and mixer uniformity and troubleshoot issues they encountered. As they gained experience they improved efficiency, quantity, and quality. This resulted in teams improving from making 6 tons during a hands-on session to producing 21 tons of feed during class by the end of the semester. Monthly production will continue to ramp up throughout the spring into summer with the help of student employees and customer demand.”


“The new facility also was utilized this past year for the in-person, on-site trainings of international industry professionals from Algeria, Bangladesh, China, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia, Uganda, and The Philippines. Over 1,500 people from 14 countries visited the facility as part of 100 tours in 2023. Three classes with total student enrollment of 104 utilized the facility at least once during the fall semester including the 3-credit Feed Processing and Technology course (TSM455/555) required for completion of the ISU Feed Technology Minor. It was taught entirely at the facility twice per week (4.5 hours/week including a 3-hour lab practical) with an enrollment of 24 students.”