The president of the Renewable Fuels Association is anxious for a rule allowing year-round E15 sales in eight Midwest states to be completed.

Geoff Cooper tells Brownfield a review by the Office of Management and Budget is the final step.

“It typically takes maybe a month or so. We’ve seen these rules reviewed in as little as six or seven days before, sometimes it’s longer and sometimes it’s shorter than a month.”

The EPA rule went to OMB in mid-December. Cooper calls the process long and arduous and says it was marked with many delays.

“We’ve got a court challenge involved, we’ve got the oil industry pushing the other way and telling the White House not to do this. So it’s been quite a journey but it feels like we are nearing the finish line.”

The states that petitioned EPA for year-round E15 are Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.