The U.S. Grains Council’s (USGC’s) Global Ethanol Summit (GES) concluded today with a variety of concurrent panel discussions with experts on various topics within the biofuel industry.

GES, Oct. 16-18, is an education and trade forum that seeks to elevate bioethanol’s international visibility and ongoing successful initiatives as a viable decarbonization solution within the transportation sector. More than 350 ministerial-level officials and industry leaders, bioethanol producers and refiners from more than 40 countries are attending this year to learn about the numerous environmental and human health benefits of globally expanding the use of biofuels.

The concurrent sessions featured topics such as new use applications for biofuels, biofuel infrastructure and compatibility and environmental and human health benefits of renewable fuels.

Today’s events culminated in a series of memorandum of understanding signings between the Council and key ethanol stakeholders from around the world.

“Users are seeing bioethanol’s undeniable benefits and the commensurate increased consumption means there is a growing recognition of what industry leaders have always known – bioethanol is available right here, right now and it is here to stay,” said USGC President and CEO Ryan LeGrand.

After closing comments by LeGrand, 11 groups of participants dispersed to ethanol-producing states around the country where they will spend the next few days viewing the biofuel value chain firsthand before heading back to their home countries. Team details are listed below:

  • Japan to visit Iowa
  • Latin America (LTA) to visit South Dakota
  • LTA to visit Michigan
  • LTA to visit Minnesota
  • Mexico to visit Colorado
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and China to visit Missouri
  • MEA to visit Ohio
  • Southeast Asia (SEA) and Oceania to visit Kansas
  • SEA to visit Wisconsin
  • Taiwan to visit North Dakota
  • Vietnam to visit Kentucky

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