Boyne City, MI--Industrial Magnetics is excited to launch its latest innovation in magnetic technology - the Extended Length Plate Magnet.

This cutting-edge product is specifically engineered to capture ferrous metals in steep, angled chutes, solving a longstanding industry challenge.

This product offers a single line of defense, eliminating the need for multiple plate magnets and streamlining the process, making it more efficient.

After years of intensive market research, development, and rigorous testing, the Extended Length Plate Magnet stands as a testament to IMI's commitment to innovation. Designed to achieve high capture rates of ferrous materials at angles that previously posed challenges, this new product represents a significant leap in magnetic technology.

"The Extended Length Plate Magnet is more than just a new product. It embodies our commitment to bridging industry gaps and ensuring that our customers receive the best solutions for their unique needs," said Adam Thwaites, Director of Sales and Marketing.

"We've combined our traditional craftsmanship with advanced design strategies, resulting in a magnet that consistently and reliably captures ferrous debris."

With features such as swift contamination discovery, high volume, high efficiency, strong surface contact, and operational excellence, the Extended Length Plate Magnet is an economical and efficient option that provides impeccable performance. Designed for high-volume gravity flow applications, the product ensures smooth operations even at peak volumes.

One of the distinguishing features of the Extended Length Plate Magnet is its ability to decelerate ferrous metals traveling at high speeds.

This ensures the removal of these metals from product flows, thereby increasing product purity.

It's an invaluable tool, especially in free-flowing, under-the-flow applications, where large ferrous particles like nails, bolts, and washers need to be separated to prevent potential equipment damage during processing.

As a frontrunner in the magnetic industry, Industrial Magnetics remains committed to meeting diverse client requirements. Hence, custom solutions tailored to specific needs are always an option with every product offering.

For more information about the Extended Length Plate Magnet and how it can benefit your operations, please visit Industrial Magnetics,