Image courtesy of Bartlett


Bartlett, a Savage Company, and POSCO INTERNATIONAL announced the exploration of a joint venture in soybean crush and grain origination and export. A joint venture between the two companies would reportedly leverage Bartlett’s North American agriculture supply chain and operational capabilities together with POSCO’s global agricultural network and market expertise to drive growth and new business opportunities. A joint venture would also be synergistic with the companies’ shared emphasis on sustainability and supporting growing international markets for grain and renewable transportation fuels.

“With 116 years of experience sourcing, transporting and processing grain for Customers across North America, and our soybean crushing facility in Southeast Kansas coming online in 2024, we’re excited to explore this opportunity with POSCO INTERNATIONAL to expand our business into global markets,” said Bartlett president Bob Knief. “Bartlett is part of Savage, a global provider of supply chain infrastructure and solutions, and our purpose is to move and manage what matters so our Customers and Partners can Feed the World, Power Our Lives, and Sustain the Planet.”

“At POSCO INTERNATIONAL, our vision is to be the global business leader for sustainable growth, and partnering with Bartlett would strengthen our North American supply chain connections and market position,” said POSCO INTERNATIONAL vice chairman and CEO Jeong Tak. “The future of humanity depends on people having access to sustainable sources of food and energy, and the work we do everyday plays an important role in making sure this can happen for millions of people around the world.”