Welcome to NGFA's Harvest Safety Week 2023

This year's Harvest Safety Week will focus on how to establish “Safety as a Workplace Value,” with an emphasis on maintaining effective safety programs during the harvest season.

Day #1: Welcome and Kickoff

First, watch Safety as a Workplace Value, a new safety video funded by the National Grain and Feed Foundation that outlines the basic elements of strong workplace safety.

Then, listen to "Accepting Human Error" an episode of Listen with NGFA featuring Steve Scott, Human & Organizational Performance Consultant and read NGFA's Preparing Bins for Harvest Safety Tips sheet.

Finally, make a plan for how your organization will participate in Harvest Safety Week and remember to share with us on social media using #HarvestSafetyWeek.

Up next this week:

Aug. 22 Evolution of Workplace Safety in Grain Handling

Aug. 23 Harvest Hazards

Aug. 24 Hazard Identification Methods

Aug. 25 Closing and list of Harvest Safety Week resources