Marquis received the necessary permits for its Marquis South Dock Expansion project on the Illinois River at the Marquis Industrial Complex. The new 700 foot loading dock on the mile-long riverfront will allow the export of twenty barges of soy meal from the complex each week, approximately 1.5 million tons each year.

The soybean crush facility will generate significant employment opportunities during both the construction phase and the long-term operations of the facility. This development marks a crucial step in establishing a more diverse world-class grain processing center in Putnam County, enhancing the agricultural landscape and providing numerous economic benefits throughout the Illinois Valley and beyond.

Located in Hennepin, IL, the forthcoming Marquis soybean crush facility will be one of the largest single-site soybean processors in the country. The new facility will be strategically positioned to purchase soybeans within a 75-mile radius of the Marquis Industrial Complex, catering to the needs of farmers and businesses engaged in soybean production.

By crushing 6,000 tons of soybeans per day, Marquis Grain will procure about 80 million bushels of soybeans annually. The plant will offer a streamlined supply chain and value-added services, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the agricultural community.

“We are pleased to receive the necessary permits to begin dock construction for our advanced soybean crush facility," stated Mark Marquis, Marquis's CEO.

"Our aim is to actively contribute to the growth of our local community and the surrounding regions by providing a state-of-the-art processing facility to enhance the local agricultural landscape. With our team and technical resources, we are confident this facility will set new benchmarks in soybean processing excellence, safety and sustainability."

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s recent revision to the 3-year Renewable Fuel Standard Volume Obligations expanded the D4 obligation (Renewable Diesel) while decreasing the size of the D6 (Corn Starch Ethanol) requirements.

The soybean oil produced at the Marquis Soybean Processing Facility will provide a key feedstock for renewable diesel production.

Mark Marquis said, “The Biden Administration is sending a clear signal with this revision that they see Renewable Diesel markets growing over the next three years, while renewable fuel-grade ethanol markets are expected to contract.”

Mark Marquis noted that the soybean oil produced by the Marquis Facility will be a key feedstock for clean-burning renewable diesel or sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Marquis is excited to process local farm inputs to participate in this expanding market.