Adkins Energy and CapCO2 Solutions are building the first facility to convert ethanol plant waste CO2 to Green Methanol. This will add a significant new revenue source and a significant step forward in decarbonizing the ethanol industry.

Green methanol is highly valuable, emerging as an essential fuel for decarbonizing both the shipping industry and a wide variety of commercial chemicals and consumer products.

Adkins Energy is leading the way for the ethanol industry, demonstrating how best to leverage their CO2 for the next generation of the ethanol industry. By generating local revenues without disruption of agricultural land or eminent domain, green methanol is an exciting alternative to the widely discussed CO2 pipelines.

“I am delighted that Adkins has an opportunity to lead the industry to its next major product,” said Adkins CEO William Howell.

“Adkins has grown by focusing on how ethanol and its byproducts can lead the industry and support the farmers that grow our grain and the communities around our plant. Green methanol is the next step in that growth and leadership.”

“The ethanol industry is anxious for alternatives to the CO2 pipeline proposals,” said Josh Manske, President of the Iowa Farmers Union and national board member.

“Besides the agricultural land destruction, questionable environmental value, and inequitable compensation to the farmers and plant owners, pipelines take away control of a valuable resource, critical to next-generation net-zero fuels and materials. The agricultural world has been looking for just such a solution.”

“This collaboration demonstrates that attacking climate problems can simultaneously grow businesses, support agriculture, and support local communities,” said CapCO2 SoluJons CEO, Jeff Bonar.

“We are adapting methanol technology and working with agriculture industry stakeholders to meet the needs of the ethanol industry. We are proud to be working with to leverage their breakthrough, patented technology to deliver new futures to the ethanol industry.”