From left: Kim Atkins, Emma Bower, Gina Tumbarello, Mallory Gaines

The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) is pleased to announce several staff changes. The AFIA welcomes Kim Atkins as its new manager of membership and engagement and Emma Bower as its summer communications intern and has made title adjustments for two of its policy staff.

"We are thrilled to welcome Kim aboard,” said Sarah Novak, AFIA’s chief operating officer. “She brings a wealth of experience in the agriculture and association world and has a strong passion for engaging membership.”

Atkins will be responsible for prospecting, attaining, retaining, and servicing AFIA member companies. She will work to develop and continuously improve a system of involving members in the association and retain members through recognition of the value they bring to the AFIA.

Previously, Atkins served as vice president of public affairs and policy for LWP Consulting and as the vice president and COO for the U.S. Grains Council. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science, with an emphasis in American politics and public law, and a minor in communications studies from the University of Montana. Atkins is originally from Sunburst, Mont.

Emma Bower, a senior at The Ohio State University, joins the AFIA as its communications intern, where she’ll be supporting the communications team with drafting and editing content for distribution to members and other target audiences via AFIA’s and the Institute for Feed Education and Research’s multimedia communications channels. Bower, originally from Jenera, Ohio, is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in agriculture communications with a minor in farm management.

In addition, the AFIA adapted the titles of two of its policy staff to better reflect the depth and breadth of work they do for members on a global scale.

Gina Tumbarello, who has been with the association since 2011, has been named senior director of global strategies, policy and trade, and Mallory Gaines, who has been with the association since 2019, has been named director of market access and multilateral affairs. Tumbarello currently sits on the U.S. Agricultural Trade Advisory Committee for Grains, Feed, Oilseeds and Planting Seeds and serves as the staff contact for the AFIA International Trade Committee.

“When viewing the global policy landscape for U.S. animal food products, it is clear to see that pursuing trade agreements or holding trading partners accountable is only one part of the equation for the industry to successfully enter or maintain markets,” said AFIA President and CEO Constance Cullman.

“Much work goes into monitoring and engaging in multilateral discussions happening beyond government, and the title changes for Gina and Mallory reflect the comprehensive work they do to boost the positive image of U.S. animal feed, feed ingredients and pet food and encourage science-based decision-making.”

For more information, see AFIA’s staff directory here.