NOPA establishes a forward-looking strategic plan focused on collaboration, advocacy, and organizational effectiveness.

The National Oilseed Processors Association approved its refreshed strategic plan during its Board of Directors meeting in Chicago. The plan presents the strategic priorities that will guide the association’s work over the next five years.

The refreshed strategic plan provides an ambitious agenda for NOPA that demonstrates the association’s interest in advancing the U.S. oilseed industry.

The strategic plan reflects the current landscape of the industry and outlines objectives aligned with the NOPA’s commitment to collaboration, advocacy, and organizational effectiveness.

“Our industry is changing and with that comes great excitement for the future,” said Warren Feather, NOPA Chair.

“This is a perfect time to revitalize the core principles that drive our organization and ensure we are best positioned to continue to lead the oilseed processing industry.”

The strategic plan is supported by revised and newly developed foundational statements. A revised purpose statement and new association values statements were adopted with the strategic plan.

What we do: Serve as the trusted voice to facilitate growth for a sustainable and safe U.S. oilseed industry.

Who we are

• Ethical: Set the standard for honest and fair interactions with all partners based on mutual respect.

• Collaborative: Committed to working across the value chain to strengthen the U.S. oilseed industry for a sustainable future.

• Trusted: Pursue excellence, deliver results for our members, and apply science-based research to advance our industry.

The plan commits the association to three strategic pillars to guide its work over the next five years.

How we deliver: NOPA capitalized upon the collective knowledge and expertise of its members and staff to achieve our strategic goals in three core areas.

• Collaboration – Build support for NOPA goals through engagement with strategic value chain partners.

• Advocacy – Generate wins for the United States oilseed industry through NOPA’s regulatory, legislative, and trade priorities.

• Organizational Effectiveness – Create continuous value for members through agility and efficient operations.

The strategic plan was developed through a comprehensive process that began in August 2022. Perspectives were compiled from a survey and in-person interviews.

An in-depth analysis of existing themes, association relevancy, and previous promise statements was performed.

NOPA Board of Directors, consisting of twenty-three industry leaders, alongside NOPA staff and legal counsel reviewed the previously approved plan, analyzed current state, and developed a vision of the future of the association.

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