This article is taken from the Nov. 10USDA Grain Transportation Report:

The Governors of Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota temporarily waived hours-of service (HOS) regulations for truck drivers hauling fuel.

Amid widespread fuel shortages, the actions are intended to facilitate harvest-season transportation and prepare for cold weather.

Effective through “the conclusion of the emergency” (but no later than November 25), South Dakota’s emergency HOS waiver covers fuel, ethanol, and propane deliveries.

Iowa’s HOS waiver, effective through November 27, covers drivers transporting diesel, biodiesel, jet fuel, ethanol, gasoline, and aviation gas.

Iowa’s order also allows vehicles transporting these fuels to be oversize and overweight (not exceeding 90,000 pounds gross weight) on all State highways (except the interstate system) without a permit.

Nebraska’s HOS waiver, effective through November 30, covers truck drivers delivering diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, gasoline blends, ethanol, fuel oil, and propane.

All orders prohibit motor carriers from allowing a tired or ill driver to operate a motor vehicle.

The orders also require drivers who tell carriers they need a rest to receive at least 10 hours off before returning to service