This article is taken from the Nov. 10 USDA Grain Transportation Report:

For the week of Nov. 8, the St. Louis spot rate fell 49% from last week to $40.74 per ton (GTR table 9).

This is the lowest rate since the week of Sept. 20 (when the rate was $38.10 per ton) and 62 percent lower than the all-time record high of $105.85 per ton the week of October 11.

The rate is still 145% higher than the same week last year and 128% higher than the 3-year average.

The St. Louis 1-month rate fell 12% from last week to $36.58, its lowest since Sept. 13.

The St. Louis 3-month rate held steady from last week at $30.09 per ton.

Although closures and dredging operations still disrupt the Mississippi River System (MRS) daily, recent rainfall has helped stabilize portions of the system.

The improved conditions have allowed empty barges to move a little more freely.

Forecast models indicate rain that will help the MRS water levels rise near Cairo, IL, and Memphis, TN, in the next few weeks, which will further stabilize the MRS