The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) and Feedstuffs named Quality Liquid Feeds’ (QLF) Comstock Park, MI, liquid feed manufacturing facility as the 2022 Liquid Feed Facility of the Year (FFY) award winner.

Gary Huddleston, AFIA’s director of feed manufacturing and regulatory affairs, presented a plaque to plant manager David Schnicke today at AFIA’s Liquid Feed Symposium (LFS), being held in New Orleans, LA, this week.

QLF’s Comstock Park liquid feed facility is best in class for the industry, with well-documented standard operating procedures and training programs that should be revered,” Huddleston said. “Their work has led to experienced and engaged employees who play a critical role in ensuring the safe manufacture of quality liquid feed for beef and dairy producers.”

Constructed in 2014, the Michigan liquid feed facility produces approximately 75,000 tons of feed annually, specializing in suspensions for beef and dairy cattle. The facility boasts three mixers for increased efficiency and abundant finished feed storage, allowing for continued growth in the future. This is the third time a QLF facility has won the Liquid Feed Facility of the Year award.

QLF Comstock Park is honored to be recognized as the 2022 Liquid Feed Facility of the Year,” Schnicke said. “The team at Comstock Park strives to manufacture the highest quality products for our customers and the livestock they feed.”

The AFIA also recognized several semi-finalists, including QLF’s Wellsville, OH; Clovis, N.M.; and LaSalle, IL, liquid feed manufacturing facilities.

U.S. feed and pet food manufacturers continuously strive for excellence in their operations, which includes everything from optimizing animal food nutrition to improving the safety of their products and workplaces to complying with government regulations.

In 1985, the AFIA sought to recognize top facilities as part of its voluntary FFY program, which assesses manufacturers’ overall operations against their peers using key industry metrics. As the industry has evolved, the FFY program has evolved with it, now recognizing award winners throughout the year in four categories – liquid feed, commercial dry, premix and ingredient, and integrator.

To date, 40 facilities have earned FFY awards. Learn more at