According to NGFA, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) on Aug. 30 announced that it will conduct a virtual public listening session on the regulation of animal foods with certain types of claims, such as environmental benefit claims, production claims, and claims about effects on the animal microbiome.

The session will take place on Oct. 18 and offer stakeholders an opportunity to share information and insight with FDA about the regulation of animal foods with certain types of claims.

The session will start at 10 a.m. eastern, and the end time will be determined based on the number of presentations submitted by interested stakeholders.

FDA currently is reviewing CVM Policy and Procedures Manual (PPM) 1240.3605, Regulating Animal Foods with Drug Claims.

Based on the current PPM, FDA traditionally has reserved claims for improving animal production (production claims), such as increased milk production, increased leanness, and improved growth and efficiency of gain, to animal drugs.

FDA requires such animal foods with production claims to gain premarket approval through its animal drug approval process, a process that is very complex, time consuming and expensive.

During the listening session, FDA is seeking public comments on how its existing policy could be updated to reflect evolving scientific knowledge and promote innovation.

Stakeholders interested in attending the virtual listening session should register no later than Oct. 11 by completing the registration form on the event webpage: FDA Virtual Listening Session on the Regulation of Animal Foods with Certain Types of Claims.

Early registration is recommended. Registrants will receive a confirmation email with the event link and password.

In addition to holding the listening session, FDA is accepting electronic or written comments through Nov. 17.

To electronically submit comments to the docket, visit and type “FDA-2022-N-2015” in the search box.

During the first quarter of calendar year 2023, CVM intends to provide the public with additional opportunities to share input on other animal food-related topics such as the FDA’s role in the AAFCO ingredient definition process. As details for these opportunities are finalized, FDA will publicize them by posting information on its website.

Source: NGFA