The Minnesota Department of Transportation (DOT)seeks public input about its District 6 Freight Plan by Monday, March 21.

Comments can be submitted here.

Input will help finalize the District 6 Freight Plan’s recommended strategies to improve, long-term, the movement of goods in southeast Minnesota.

In a similar vein, the Missouri DOT is soliciting public comments to help finalize its draft 2022 Missouri State Freight and Rail Plan, through Thursday, March 31.

Missouri’s rail plan was last updated in 2012, and its state freight plan was last updated in 2017.

The 2022 plan combines both to improve Missouri's access to federal funds and to become eligible for discretionary grants.

The plan’s information and guidance for investment decisions will improve all modes of freight movement in the state.

This article comes from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's March 17, 2022, Grain Transportation Report.

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