This article has been reprinted from the June 6 USDA Grain Transportation Report.

Continued rain events, and subsequent highwater, have continued to reduce the amount of barged grain on the Mississippi River and its tributaries.

So far this year, 13,194 barges of grain have been unloaded at ports on the lower Mississippi River.

This is 15 percent fewer than last year, and 13 percent below the 3-year average.

Year-to-date tonnages of down-bound grain, at locking portions of the Mississippi, Ohio, and Arkansas Rivers, were 10 million tons, 29 percent lower than last year, and 35 percent lower than the 3-year average.

Upper Mississippi River Locks 12-27 (from Illinois-Wisconsin boarder to St. Louis) are closed due to flooding conditions.

St. Louis Harbor is closed until the river level recedes below 38 feet, which is not expected to occur until mid-June.

Mississippi River levels at St. Louis are expected to crest at 45.3 feet on June 7, 4.3 feet lower than the record level of 49.6 feet set on August 1, 1993.

The Arkansas River is closed due to high water.

Barge traffic on the lower Mississippi River has been disrupted by reduced tow sizes and transit being restricted under certain bridges to daylight hours only.