Manhattan, KS - A course exploring the fundamentals of nutrition and foods for companion animals will be offered from July 15–18, 2019.

Greg Aldrich, research associate professor, Department of Grain Science and Industry, will lead the new companion animal nutrition course.

The course will be held at the Kansas State University’s IGP Institute and will cover topics regarding species-specific nutrition of dogs, cats, exotic birds, pet rodents along with reptiles and aquarium fish.

Participants can expect to engage in discussion surrounding nutrition, foods, and animal feeding and care.

“A fundamental understanding of nutrition and the unique differences among companion animals is essential to proper nourishment of our companion animals, and critical to those in the field of food product development and formulation,” Aldrich says.

Course participants will be expected to leave with a general understanding of nutrition and food chemistry, along with an understanding of digestive physiology and nutrient metabolism.

Upon completion of this course, participants should also have an appreciation for nutritional support in disease, and an introduction into methods for establishing nutritional requirements and limitations.

Aldrich says, “As the industry grows and innovates, the Department of Grain Sciences and Industry at K-State is working to provide solutions through their research and training to support the mission critical goals of the pet and animal food industry.”

Caldera adds that he also enjoyed the vessel booking, training and contracts portion of the course.

In addition to this companion animal nutrition course, the IGP Institute also offers courses in the areas of feed manufacturing, quality management, grain marketing and risk management, flour milling and grain processing.

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