Minneapolis, MN - MGEX, a Designated Contract Market (DCM) and Derivatives Clearing Organization (DCO), concludes 2018 with a total of 2,335,284 contracts traded, which is the second highest calendar year volume in history.

Alongside this achievement, December 2018 reached a total volume of 140,453 contracts, and an options volume of 1,997 contracts, which are both higher in comparison to December 2017.

Additionally, open interest at market close on the 31st was recorded at 68,468 contracts.

Listed below are other prominent records MGEX recorded within the 2018 calendar year:

Monthly Exchange Volume Top-25 Entries

(4) August with 275,743

(6) April with 272,068 contracts

(8) June with 264,240 contracts

(13) November with 246,638

Monthly Electronic Volume Top-25 Entries

(5) April with 243,130 contracts

(6) August with 241,865 contracts

(7) June with 236,789 contracts

(14) November with 207,169 contracts

(25) February with 182,364 contracts

Daily Electronic Volume Top-25 Entry

(25) August 2nd with 19,433 contracts

Two months beat their respective monthly total volume records

April with 272,068 contracts

May with 180,836 contracts

One month beat their respective options volume record

May with 7,602 contracts

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